• The Garrard Story by E.W. and B.E. Mortimer - front cover

    The Garrard Story

    By E.W. and B.E. Mortimer

  • The Mortimers

    People behind "The Garrard Story".

    Edmund W. Mortimer

    Edmund W. Mortimer

    Technical Sales Manager

    Edmund completed 51 years (1919 to 1970) working for Garrard.

    Brian E. Mortimer

    Brian E. Mortimer

    Quality Manager

    Brian completed 27 years (1955 to 1982) working for Garrard.

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  • One Life - Memories of Edwardian Swindon by Edmund W. Moritmer - Front cover

    Also available...

    One Life Memories of Edwardian Swindon

    by Edmund W. Mortimer

    This precursor to the The Garrard Story provides an interesting and graphic picture of day to day life in a provincial town at the start of the 20th century.

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    Book design and front cover image copyright Karen Eagle, 2016
    Text copyright Brian Mortimer, 2016